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Navigating the Order Hall Campaign for Druids

Hooray, you're finally playing Legion! There are some important milestones to keep in mind as you go, and some tips on how to get the most of your experience. Let's break it down by level.

Not All of the Druid Quests Are Necessary

Supposedly, anything with an orange exclamation point is part of your Druid campaign and you would think you need to do all of them to complete the Order Hall Campaign.  That is not the case.  For example, you do not need to do the following:

  • Additional artifacts - one is enough
  • Quests for Brightwing, neither the three he gives you nor the one to take him as a Champion
  • Quest to take Malorne as a Champion
  • The four "Essence" quests that require you to complete dungeons

Implicit Requirement - Uniting the Isles

You will need to complete a number of World Quests (30 quest in 7.0, 20 quests in 7.1) for one of the requisite quests in your order hall campagin.  That means there is an implicit requirement to complete Uniting the Isles so that you can do World Quests.  That means opening Suramar and getting Friendly with every major faction (this requirement is reduced for alts repeating this).

So, you will want to quest to level up and get that sweet, sweet reputation.

98 - Beginner Stuff

You can actually kick off the Legion content at level 98, which is not surprising, since Demon Hunters start at that level.
  • Broken Isles scenario (the lore introduction to the content) - Just drop by your faction's capital city and you should be off to the races!
  • Class artifact quests can be started now
  • Order Hall quests can be started now
  • The quest to unlock your Legion crafting levels (700-800) can be obtained
You can also begin the quests for your class artifacts and order halls!

100 - More Crafting Quests

At this point, a few more quests will open up for each profession.  If you did not start in Dalaran at level 100, you might want to swing by and pick these up.

101 - Champions, Missions, Troops, and Order Hall Advances

All Classes get the same thing at this level.  The names and specific quests are different, but the results are the same:
  • You get your first two Champions - e.g., Druids getNaralex and Zen'tabra
  • You gain the ability to run missions from your Order Hall with your Champions
  • Through a mission, you will gain a recruiter for your entry-level troops, e.g, Treants for Druids
  • Through a mission, you will acquire a research NPC that will allow you start researching Order Hall advances
It's important to note that this will require hours to complete and because there are quest turn-ins along the way, you won't really be able to make full use of the Legion app for your missions until this is all done.

Every class has essentially the same two initial order advance benefits:
  1. Increase the chance of getting rare or epic upgrades from non-repeatable missions (For Druid's this is called "Elune's Favor")
  2. Increase the mission chance by 10% for (only) the first mission of the day that uses minions
The only variance among classes is that the amount of percentage increase and why is different by class.

Initially, #1 is the clear winner.  The other choice is pretty lame until you completely run out of "non-repeatable" missions.  This advance will require 500 resources, so don't blow them all before this step.

102 - More Artifacts and Crafting Quests!

At this point, you unlock the ability to do the quests for all of your other class artifacts

Also, depending on your professions, you should now have more crafting quests open up.

103 - More Champions and an Order Hall Quest

Once you turn 103, you will be able to start a quest series in your Order Hall.  Which basically works out like this:

  • Complete some quests in one of the zones (e.g, Druids get a quest called "Malorne's Refuge" that takes them to Val'Shala)
  • Acquire two new Champions
  • Start working on missions related to your Order Hall / Artifact quest line; these are eight-hour missions, so it can take a while (e.g., Druids have five, so that is a minimum 40-hour pause until the next step)
  • Upon completion of the five missions, you may have follow on quests, for example, Druids get a quest that kicks off four other quests to enter dungeons to get essences and kill bosses

If you are level 103 and cannot see your order hall quest, it is possible that you have the "choose another weapon" quest in your log and it is overwriting the quest giver's choices. You can abandon it or choose a weapon to fix this.

104 - More Crafting Quests

You should now have more crafting quests open up in Dalaran, assuming you have finished the previous ones.

105 - Tier 2 Order Hall Advance

You can now research your second tier advance.  This is where the classes start to show some significant differences.  Your choices are:

  • Two plots of soil that you can use to grow something once every three days
  • Reducing mission duration by 20%

106 - More Crafting Quests

You should now have more crafting quests open up in Dalaran, assuming you have finished the previous ones.

108 - More Crafting Quests

You should now have more crafting quests open up in Dalaran, assuming you have finished the previous ones.

110 - More Nightmare Stuff

OK, right off the bat, you are going to earn your Order Hall Head Piece for hitting 110.  Head back to the Dreamgrove and talk to Amurra Thistledew in the tree near your Treant recruiter.  She has a quest, The Grove Provides,  which is basically accepting your new, free hat.

The Spreading Nightmare

Back in the Dreamgrove, you will be given a quest by Remulos, The Way to Nordrassil, that kicks of a handful of quests in the Emerald Dreamway dealing with the nightmare.

A Whole Lot More...

This now unlocks three more champions - Mylune, Runetotem, and Brightwing, but they have quests related to them.  The first two are immediate turn-ins, but Brightwing wants you to complete four quests to recruit him, a cluster of three followed by the recruitment mission itself.  To continue the Druid campaign questlines, you must so the following:
The following cluster of quests will then unlock from Remulos
As mentioned at the start, since you will need to do World Quests, there is an implicit requirement to complete Uniting the Isles so that you can do World Quests.  That means opening Suramar and getting Friendly with every major faction.

  • Enter Nightmare
  • Defenders of the Dream
  • The War of the Ancients
  • Acrhimonde, The Defiler
  • [This quest completes the Order Hall Campaign] The Demi-God's Return*
* - You will be offered a choice of relics, including one that will go into your soon-to-be-unlocked relic slot, you probably want to choose that as your reward for The Demi-God's Return.

But you are not done just yet.  As you rode up to turn this quest in, Rensar Greathoof disappeared from where he normally stands next to Remulos.  Move away from the area (30 meters or so will suffice) and move back.  BAM!  He's back.  Now you have a new quest from him:

  • A Hero's Weapon
Meet him near the Seed of Ages (where you power up your artifact with new traits), tell him you are ready, step into the circle (you may also need to change forms), and click the little button to unlock a new skin and your third relic slot.  Huzzah!

Order Hall Gear Unlocks

Getting to 110 unlocks your head gear and allows you to buy the kit that upgrades the 810 gear to 820. Then it's time to get to work on the end game, because every other piece is acquired by completing quests, gaining rep, and beating all of the dungeons.

Be careful about upgrading your gear, it gets expensive fast and you may want to save up for your Artifact Research and Order Hall Advances (see below).

Artifact Research

When you hit 110 you can begin submitting work order for artifact research. This is arguably, the most important thing to do. Each level gives you a 25% boost (compounded) in the artifact power you receive.  When you max out at 25 levels, that is a 24000% boost. Given that you need around a million artifact power to get all of your traits, this should be your priority.

The Legion app is helpful here as you can also submit and collect these work orders via the app.

More Order Hall Advances

The remaining tiers open up now.  You will need the following Order Resources for each tier:
  • Tier 3 - 1,000 resources and 7 days
  • Tier 4 - 10,000 resources and 10 days
  • Tier 5 - 12,500 resources and 12 days
  • Tier 6 - 15,00 resources and 14 days

More Champions

'nuff said.

Suramar, the "End" Zone

If you return to Dalaran, Khadgar will kick off a quest line that takes you into Suramar.  You will be spending a LOT of time in this zone as it is the focus of the end content right now.

World Quests and a Magical Whistle

Your most urgent goal will likely be to complete Uniting the Isles by reaching Friendly with all five major factions - Dreamweavers, Court of Farondis, Highmountain, Nightfallen, and Valarjar (this requirement is reduced for alts repeating this).  Completing this will reward you with the Flight Master's Whistle.  This wonderful item will allow you to travel instantly to the nearest (discovered) Flight Master and it only has a 5-minute cooldown.

This quest will also unlock world quests.

And then you *really* start spending a lot of time playing. :-D

For Azeroth!

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