Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reputation Priorities for Crafters

Grinding reputation is generally not fun, but it's part of the game.  In World of Warcaft Legion, as with past expansions, you will need to grind through some reputations for crafting patterns.  And those grinds can take months, so let's figure out which ones matter more for a given profession.

You will obtain your patterns from the "emissaries" of these factions.  These are the same people to whom you will go for emissary rewards for world quests.  To figure out what the various factions give us, we can check our old friend,  Here are direct links to the faction pages:

A Quick Note About The Nightfallen

Lots of things require access to the dungeons that are only unlocked by certain levels of reputatin with the Nightfallen.  But, hey, it's not like you aren't going to level that rep, as it unlocks their story line.


Surprise!  No rep grind yet.  You have a lot of recipes from drops instead.  See wowhead's Alchemy guide.


  • Highmountain Tribe - Honored and Exalted
  • Valarjar - Neutral, Honored, and Exalted


  • Dreamweavers - Honored and Exalted
  • Nightfallen - Exalted


  • The Wardens - Honored and Exalted


  • Court of Farondis - Revered
  • The Wardens - Revered


  • Highmountain Tribe - Honored and Exalted
  • The Wardens - Exalted


  • Dreamweavers - Honored and Exalted
  • Valarjar - Honored and Exalted


  • Court of Farondis - Honored and Exalted
  • Nightfallen - Exalted

Let's Orient That By Faction!

But when you sign in, the game tells you which faction has Emissaries, so let's organize this in terms of which crafting skills are impacted by a given faction.
  • Court of Farondis - Inscription, Tailoring
  • Dreamweavers - Enchanting, Leatherworking
  • Highmountain - Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting
  • Nightfallen - Enchanting, Tailoring
  • Valarjar - Blacksmithing, Leatherworking
  • The Wardens - Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting

That's it, have fun grinding!

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