Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Legion 101 - The Basics

The new expansion for World of Warcraft dropped a week ago and it's been pretty amazing.  After getting a number of characters going, I have some observations, tips, and you might even say tricks...if you were being generous.

Class Order Halls

If you played Warlords of Draenor, these are *like* Garrisons, but also not like them.  First, you are not having to build them from a shack to a castle; they come more or less as is.  You will get resources to spend, but aside from a few expenditures on researching new Order Advancements, they are primarily for missions and troops for those missions.

Order halls are cross-faction, by class, so only Druids can go to the Druid Order Hall, for example.  However, both Horde and Alliance Druids will be there (not that they can chit chat, but they will be in the same place).

Each class has a unique Order Hall with a different location, feel, and utility.  For example, Druids have access to the Dreamwalk, which take them to a nexus of portals, one of which goes to their Order Hall.  Rogues, on the other hand have to go to Dalaran and show a guy a special insignia to get access to a back room that leads to theirs.

However, mechanically, they are very similar and will (eventually) contain:

  • A mission board
  • A recruiter for various troop types
  • A researcher for Order advancements


A cool new thing in Legion is that your weapon will be an artifact.  Instead of getting weapon after weapon, you will have one tailor-made for your specialization that gets better as you work on it.

How do I get my artifact? Almost immediately, you will be given the opportunity to choose an artifact quest.

How do I upgrade my artifact? You will get "artifact power" to upgrade it from a variety of sources. In order of value:
  • Completing major quest lines
  • Some Order Hall missions will provide them
  • Treasure chests scattered about the land
To apply upgrades, you will use a device located in your Order Hall.

Can you get the other artifacts? Yes, as of level 102, you can pursue all of the other artifact quests.  I highly recommend that you adopt the proper spec for the quest, as they seem to care more about spec than great gear.

Should I focus one or spread around my resources to level them all at the same time?  That is a personal decision that depends on how you plan to play.  Just having the artifact and its special ability is a big improvement over not having it, but I, personally, chose to focus on one at a time.

Crafting Professions Have a Specific Zone Order

The crafting professions have a series of quests, with a handful in every zone.  And they do not care which order you choose from your map.  So, my recommendation is to consider opening up your crafting questlines by visiting your trainer(s) in Dalaran and consider where they start before you choose your first zone from the Order Hall mission table.

My Recommendation for First Steps

The main things to do:

  1. Open up your Order Hall and get your Artifact ASAP.
  2. Get to level 101
  3. Find the next convenient stopping point (ideally where you can bind your hearthstone)
  4. Go back to your Order Hall
Now, get your order hall running by doing the series of quests and missions that will now be there to allow you to:

  • Recruit your first two champions
  • Run a mission to get your recruiter: using your champions at the mission table/board; this is a special mission that will only take 2 minutes to complete
  • Recruit your first troop types: the first one takes 5 seconds, but it will normally be 30 minutes per troop unit
  • At this point I click on the recruiter again and order as many more as I can
  • The quest giver will specify a mission for you to complete: I simply queue both Champions and one Troop for that mission; this will take four hours to complete
  • [After the mission has completed]
  • Follow the quest to choose your first Order advancement; I recommend the one that increases the chances you will get rare or epic upgrades
  • When you complete this quest you will get 300 artifact points, almost guaranteeing an artifact upgrade
  • You will then get a new quest to perform a specific mission that will take one hour to complete
If you plan to level alts, I would consider getting them all to this state.  It also gives you a chance to build rest bonus with them. ;-)

For more details on Order Hall missions, I recommend this Icy Veins page.

What Clever Tips Do You Have?

If you have clever tips, feel free to share them.

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