Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[4.0.6] No Endgame For Old Men

So, there I am, geared up as much as I can be from Honor gear and I even have a few Conquest pieces.

My Honor is capped and there is nothing I really want to buy.

The Random Battleground (BG) queue system is screwed up and I keep passing the "average wait time" and having to drop and re-queue unless I want to wait 30+ minutes for the queue to figure out it passed me up.

Every BG is good news & bad news:
  • Good news - I am one of the best players on my side, maybe even the best
  • Bad news - Almost all of the other players are undergeared, disorganized, and ineffective*
* - Because I am by no means the best skilled, most experienced, or geared PvPer

I remember the good old days when the guy from the RP server (me) was the weak link, i.e., most everyone was as good or better than me.  But I swear it felt like almost everyone on my side was drunk, new to BGs, undergeared, accidentally queued for PvP (and have no idea what is happening), or all of the above.

Broken queue, broken queue, broken queue, bad BG, broken queue, bad BG, broken queue, bad BG.

It's like WoW has finally become a self-aware entity and is doing its best to annoy me to death.

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