Monday, April 4, 2011

[4.0.6] Does a Bear Golf in the Woods?

So, now that I have "retired" from our guild's raiding rank?  What do I do to keep myself busy?  Candyswiper?  Orgimmart greeter?

Once I took the plunge there was a cascade effect.  I have lost all interest in daily quests and dungeons. I lost interest in logging in with my alts except maybe for an *occasional* Jewelcrafting daily, but that is passing.

PvP has suddenly become far more interesting to me for the same reasons that it likely attracts most people:
  • It's accessible - There are zero requirements to enter a Battleground beyond level (this can be a bad thing when the occasional heavily undergeared person shows up, but you get the bad with the good)
  • It's dynamic - the games always feel different, because my opponents are human beings, not scripted monsters.
  • PvP "raids" (battlegrounds) are automatically formed for you.  I can pretty much jump in and do it whenever I like

I like raiding, but I am increasingly of the opinion that Blizzard has crafted raiding so that it is only really accessible if you give what I consider an unacceptable time commitment to it.

If there was a guild out there that raided once a week, I might give it a try, but I also might not.  Stepping off the raiding train had a sweeping effect.  With all of my alts already leveled, and no raiding main to support anymore, my desire to sign on for ancillary activities has evaporated.

WoW has become just another computer game and when measured against the other single player RPGs and PvP games I can play, it isn't actually all that remarkable. In fact, there is quite a bit of tedium to it.  The last two nights, it has taken 30+ minutes to get into a BG, even though the queue kept saying "4 minutes" average).

I also don't care for the fact that the best gear is almost completely unobtainable unless you participate in activities that require group formation.  Consider, for example, Conquest points.  You can earn 1343 Conquest points in a week, you can earn that in a few rated BGs, but if you try to do that with a daily random BG, you are going to earn a maximum of 175 Conquest points.  So, in 20 weeks you can buy a nice PvP weapon...if you can stomach being slapped around like a pinata by the folks that are earning the points almost eight times faster than you.

Full disclosure, you can also get Conquest points via arenas, but again, form a group, schedule arena nights, and hope everyone actually shows up consistently.  In my experience, that lasts about 5-6 weeks at best.

Valor points (PvE) are a little faster, but the amount of gear you can get is more limited.

As for crafting, you can only craft a few epic pieces for PvE and none for PvP.

Long queues and hard limits on accomplishment/gearing unless you make a greater scheduling commitment to the game.  Compare that to first person shooters where you can unlock everything on your own and in many/most cases, queue up very quickly for games.  They are looking a lot more attractive.

So, now, that monthly fee is looking like more of a waste and I am pondering something I never thought I would - letting my account expire. /dramaticmusic

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