Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[4.0.6] Effectively Earning Guild Experience

Many folks look forward to the nifty perks provided by the guild leveling system.  Of course, to get there, you need to earn guild experience points (GXP).  As stated in the tooltip, you get these from completing quests, killing dungeon bosses, participating in rated battlegrounds (BGs) and killing raid bosses.  You do NOT get GXP for killing random mobs, gathering, PvP outside of rated BGs, fishing, dancing on mailboxes, etc.

Raid bosses net a tidy sum - 78,700 GXP/boss.  However, in most guilds, your opportunity to kill raid bosses will be controlled by either your leadership or by whoever puts together the PUG (pickup group) raid you attend.  That leaves two methods that are more in your control - dungeons and quests.

The Dungeon part is pretty straightforward.  You need at least 3 guild members to earn GXP.  The earnings vary as follows:
  • 3 guild members - 50% GXP
  • 4 guild members - 100% GXP
  • 5 guild members - 125% GXP
So, in terms of earning GXP, hitting up a dungeon solo or with just one other guild members is pointless.  When you do, however, you stand to earn quite a bit, capping out at 46,500 GXP/boss in Cataclysm Heroics for each group member, in a group composed of 5 guild members.  Now, if that was only 3 guild members, it would plummet to 18,600 GXP/boss.

How do quests compare?  You earn 25% of the XP as GXP.  As a result, an important aspect of quests is that level matters greatly.  You can spend all day leveling a sub-80 alt and barely scratch what a Cataclysm level character can earn very quickly, especially a level 85 character that can access all of the daily quests.  The higher level the content, the more XP awarded and thus the more GXP you earn.  For example:
  • Therazane daily quests (accessible at level 82) - 10,975 GXP/quest
  • Dragonmaw daily quests (accessible at level 84) - 13,800 GXP/quest
  • Tol Barad daily quests (accessible at level 85) - 17,350 GXP/quest
  • Cooking Daily (for level 85 characters)* -  17,350 GXP
  • Fishing Daily (for level 85 characters)* -  17,350 GXP
* - these quests level with you, so if you pick it up at level 85, you get the reward for a level 85 daily.

I find that most level 85 characters are capable of doing the six Tol Barad Peninsula Daily quests in 20-30 minutes.  That nets a respectable 104,100 GXP.  If you can access the six quests unlocked by PvP, that's another 104k.  If you did that every day, that alone would almost hit your weekly cap.

What if you simply did the six Tol Barad Peninsula (the PvE zone) quests, five Dragonmaw quests, and six Therazane quests each day?  That would net you 239k GXP each day, and you would hit your weekly cap each week.  If you are doing the relatively quick and easy Fishing and Cooking dailies, you'll cap even quicker.  Not to mention, the guild reputation, a decent amount of gold, and those nifty Tol Barad tokens you can use to buy mounts, a pet, etc.

The take away message is that a little diligence goes a long way; how you spend your time in game profoundly affects the impact you have on your guild progressing through levels.  It is very easy to spend a lot of time in game without earning a shred of GXP, so be mindful as you play if you want to see that next guild perk sooner than later.

Note: If you would like more detail, I came across a more lengthy discussion of this topic on the World of Warcraft forums while composing this post.

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