Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[4.0.6] The New Patterns for 4.0.6

If you haven't heard, there are six new patterns of note that came out with 4.0.6.  Three Jewelcrafting (JC) designs and three Enchanting formulae.

The three JC designs are new meta gem cuts for PvP folks and they are all similar in design.

The three Enchanting formulae are also good for DPS folks, but the Int might also be good for Healers.  Like the new JC cuts, they have a similar design, +50 of a base stat to Wrists.
They are high end enchants though; they all require Maelstrom Crystals, the enchanter needs 515 Enchanting, and the Agility and Intellect enchants require a Runed Elementium rod.  So, don't run out and buy it for your lowbie Enchanter alt unless you are fired up to power level him. :)

These enchants are a significant change.  Before them, the only way to have a great wrist enchant was to be a Leatherworker.  These enchants surely take some of the bite out of the Leatherworker bonus.  Some say it's reasonable because other professions only give you about 80 more stats.  I don't completely agree with them.  Leatherworking has been losing its value to the crafter steadily over time.  We no longer have awesome BoP epics, but many other crafters do. For the most part, Leatherworking just means cheaper Leg and Wrist augmentation.  Whoopee.  Blacksmithing (BS) and Tailoring are in a similar boat, but BS does have a very strong synergy with JC and Tailoring gets a nifty Magic Carpet. :)

So, how do you get them?  Killing stuff.  They are random world drops, and as the data rolls into Wowhead, it is clear that just about anything from any Cata zone or instance might drop it.  So get out there and raise up some more alts, do your dailies, clear that trash, and hope.  Good luck rounding them up, you'll need it.

Addendum: Of course, they could be found on the Auction House too, as they are Bind on Equip.


Kammler said...

Found the "major strength" chant on my server for 3k gold, bought it immediately.

With the cost of Maelstrom crystals at around 3k gold each this chant would cost about 10k to craft.

I may hold off buying the other two for a while--can't see anyone paying that much for a scroll.

Skindancer said...

Kammler, I hear ya. I don't expect a lot of people to come beating down my door for a bracer enchant that eats two crystals, when they still need Peerless Stats (3 crystals) or weapon enchants (4-6 crystals).