Saturday, February 19, 2011

[4.0.6] Melee Root-Breaking Ability Comparison, Ferals Lose

So, in a strange turn of events, Feral Druids have now become one of the most rootable melee PvP.

I have actually heard someone say something akin to, "Now they have to deal with roots, just like Rogues."   This begs the question, how rootable are the other melee folks?

Let's break it down, shall we?  OK, while I may have alts for every class, my Druid is my main, so forgive me is I mess this up, but in order of least to most root-able, I believe this is about right.
  • Retribution Paladin - The Kings of Root Breaking.  Well, all Paladins have their lovely Hand of Freedom, which grants immunity to all movement-impairing effects and breaks them as well; this lasts for 6 seconds and has a cooldown of only 20 seconds.  A Paladin can spend 1/3 of the time being immune to roots and snares, at the cost one global cooldown every 20 seconds.
  • Fury Warrior - Heroic Fury removes all movement-impairing effects and has a mere 30-second cooldown.  On top of that, it resets the cooldown on Intercept, so said Warrior can charge into their opponent right away.
  • Rogue - All Rogues have Cloak of Shadows; this awesome ability has a 1.5 minute cooldown and does the following - "Instantly removes all existing harmful spell effects, provides momentary immunity against all damage and harmful effects, and causes you to resist all spells for 5 sec."  Oh, and in case you forgot about Vanish - "Allows the rogue to vanish from sight, entering an improved stealth mode for 3 sec.  For the first 3 sec after vanishing, damage and harmful effects received will not break stealth.  Also breaks movement impairing effects."  Albeit, Vanish has a 3-minute cooldown.  Some extras can be had in Talents.
    • Improved Sprint 2/2 - With only 7 Talent Points in Combat, any Rogue could dip in and pick it up.  It allows Sprint to wipe all movement impairing effects.  Not bad for an ability with a one minute cooldown.  Sidenote: I love Glyph of Blurred Speed.
    • Elusiveness 2/2 - Again, with only 7 Talent Points in Subtlety, any Rogue could dip in and pick this up to knock a lot of time off of the cooldowns for Vanish and Cloak of Shadows.
    • Preparation - Deep in Subtlety and with a hefty 5-minute cooldown, this ability is pretty beefy in counters, resetting your Vanish, Sprint abilities.  So, another way to increase the rate at which you can break roots.
  • Arms Warrior - Bladestorm counters all movement impairing, rooting, stunning, and Fear effects with a 1.5 minute cooldown; oh and you stab everything around you at the same time; not only is this akin to a free PvP trinket with a shorter cooldown, it's better, since you maintain immunity during its 6-second duration.
  • Death Knight - Feral Druids join Death Knights as being two of the only melee PvP that cannot break roots with a class ability.  Now, although it does not break them, Anti-Magic Shell does provide immunity to magical roots (does a pet Pin count?) for 5 seconds every 45 seconds.  So, not a root breaker, but a proactive root counter, at least.  Not to mention, the benefits of absorbing magical damage.  While much less than the others above, it's more than nothing...which brings us to Feral Druids.
  • Feral Druids - Nothing breaks roots.  Nothing makes us temporarily immune to roots.
  • Enhancement Shaman - Nothing breaks roots.  Addendum: Ghost Wolf does guarantee at least 100% movement speed though, which is nice, if not root-breaking.
So, we have now become one of the melee classes most susceptible to rooting in the game.  That is super awesome.

It's good to know that the guys in Plate are going to have an easier time staying mobile.  Makes perfect sense.

Does this sound like a strange turn of events to anyone else?


Rohan said...

I think there needs to be a middle ground. Absolute immunity, like ferals used to have, is over the top. But being completely vulnerable is no fun either.

Perhaps a talent like:

"If the druid shapeshifts while affected by a snare, the snare is removed and the druid is immune to snares for the next 10s. This ability has a 30s cooldown."

Kind of like a self-Freedom tied to shapeshifting.

Skindancer said...

I appreciate that in the light of the current state of Cat DPS, being able to shift out of roots perpetually is overkill. To be clear though, we were not immune. For every root or snare, we had to burn a GCD, and that includes re-applied Chills, Crippling Poison, etc.

For years, our ability to shift out of roots was not an OP problem. It was not until it was combined with increased bleed and pulse damage. I would rather they just roll back the damage a bit and give us back our ability to shift out of roots.

Your idea is interesting and would help take the edge off the loss. It would put us on par with Paladins and Fury Warriors, at least.

Some have suggested making Stampeding Roar break roots, but with a 2-minute cooldown, we would still be at the bottom of the mobility ladder, just above Enhancement Shamans (or maybe tied, given the benefits of Ghost Wolf).