Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[4.0.6] Luck of the Draw Buff in 4.0.6

Ghostcrawler made an interesting post about the Luck of the Draw buff for random dungeons.  If you had not already noticed it back in Wrath of the Lich King, it was the buff you had with an icon that looked like a polyhedral die (props to good old D&D, no doubt).

The intended mechanic was "a 5% buff to damage, healing, and health if you have at least one random player in your group."  I always thought it was pretty cool.  It turns out that "the Luck of the Draw buff has not been working in Cataclysm at all, save for a few specific dungeons." Oh well, apparently that will be fixed in 4.0.6, which is turning out to be a rather major patch.

What is cool is that they are going to buff it even more.  You will get 5% more per random member, up to 15%.  Now, will you notice it?  That depends on your guild focus.

You see, with my main, I work very hard to insure we have at least four guild members in every run so that we get guild experience.  That means that I will likely only ever see the 5% buff at most.

However, on my alts, which are freelancers, I just queue up, so I will be enjoying the maximum buff every time.  Hooray for my alts! :)

Overall, I hope this improves the dungeon experience for lots of folks, but as time wears on, the need to make your dungeon runs count for guild XP will grow as everyone gets done questing and grows weary of daily quests.  And, if you are filling up the group with guild members for guild're not going to have many, if any, random members.

So, I wonder how many people will really see it in the long run.  To that end, I wonder what typical is anymore in terms of guild membership and participation.  With such strong incentives to join an active guild, how much of a population really benefits from the buff?

Alts will probably enjoy it, even for folks that have all of their characters guilded with their mains, as the appetite for people to run dungeons wanes somewhat rapidly, so running everyone's alts through gets taxing quite quickly.

Of course, complete newbies to the game will enjoy it, especially if they don't know anyone in game, are unsure about guild membership etc.

Overall, it strengthens the solo game, which has long been a positive characteristic for WoW, that you don't really need to be in a guild to experience all of the content.

So, to that end, I say, "Bravo!" for not letting the solo game slide.

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Sean said...

Firstly, post 4.0.6 you will only need a minimum of 3/5 guildmates to earn guild achievements, though you will still gain more guild XP with 4/5 and of course 5/5. Awesome change IMO though.

Secondly, I think the fixed bonus was noticeable in my first post-patch heroic run last night. We had two non-guildmates in the run, so were getting the 10% bonus. Significantly noticeable. There's also the fact that many of the HOly Priest's spells have been changed (for the better) and so the whole thing just went far more smoothly than I'm used to.

I can't dismiss the additional fact that we have improved gear nearly every successive run we make (I have lately, anyway) but I think all the factors combined for a much more enjoyable experience. It wasn't *easier* per se, but went more smoothly, didn't take 3 hours and we all left much happier than heroics used to leave us.

A win, imo. Thanks!