Friday, November 26, 2010

[4.0.3a] Meta Gem Problem for Casters

Note: This problem will only be temporary, but it is not a problem that can be hotfixed, so it will have to wait for a formal patch/update, as Daxxarri (a Blizzard Community Manager) explains.

Graylo, over on his blog Gray Matter, provided a solution for the crappy problem that faces casters in activating their metagem in Cataclysm.  The short story is that the hot new caster meta will be the Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond (but as I said, this will only be temporary).  If you moused over that link, you already see the problem, which would be succintly stated as follows:

More blue gems than red gems for a caster?!  WTF?!

The problem is that it's even worse than you might think at first.  You know those Purified (purple) gems you used to satisfy your blue gem slot needs?  That's right, they are now a net neutral, since they count as both a red and a blue.  For the most part, blue is not a very sexy gem choice for casters.  That said, 4.0 brought with it the conversion of Hit gems to blue gems, so at least you have another blue gem that might actually be useful.

But Intellect is red now, so it's bad news overall.

Haste is yellow, though, and it will likely end up coming to our rescue.

So, let's get tricky, since a green or purple counts fully as a blue.  I would avoid the purples since they get you nowhere, then maybe use greens to satisfy blue slots so you can use pure reds.  So, you could use greens in yellow and blue slots to jack up your blue count without having to slot lots of pure blue.  So, we need to identify a tasty green gem to make this happen.

Now, what does Graylo do?  Well, check out his post!

One key takeaway from all of this is that the Lightning Dream Emerald is your new best friend, giving you Haste and Hit in a green gem.

It may sound a bit complicated.  I recommend using Rawr or some other tool or notepad to work out all of your gems before you slot anything.  The chance for a mishap is pretty high.

I guess if you manage to get too much Hit this way, then use reforging to drop some...but please note that I said, "guess".

Good luck on the Path of the Moon, my feathery friends. :)

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