Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[4.0.3] Elemental Invasion Observations &Tips

So, unless you have not been logging into the game, you are aware of the cool elemental invasion plot line.  It's been a fun story development that included your usual "go here and do this" stuff, but it had some cool stuff in there, such as:
  • Having to ride around doing the "end is nigh" doomsayer bit
  • Some clever and timely quests around distrust and fear (cultist = terrorist?)
  • And now the full on invasion!
For the full details, check out WoW Head's excellent page on it.

Here are the highlights:
  • Every 2-3 hours (yes, it does vary), two major cities of your faction are attacked (Orgrimmar & Thunder Bluff; Stormwind & Ironforge)
  • First you place barricades, then you free trapped citizens (with totems provided by talking to the Earthen Ring defenders) and kill elementals
  • Each city will  be attacked by two types of elemental (I have seen Fire & Earth in Orgrimmar, Air & Water in Thunder Bluff)
  • Successfully defending a city opens up a dungeon containing one boss for each respective element; e.g., if you finish defending Orgimmar at 6:00 PM, then two dungeon options open up in the dungeon finder tool, one for a Fire boss, (Flamelash), and one for an Earth boss (remember the Princess from Maraudon?); they will go away at 7:00 PM, one hour after the elementals were driven from Orgrimmar
  • The premise is that the cultists are opening portals for those bosses to attack the city; you are preemptively striking to  in order stop them
  • The leader of the respective city will fight alongside of you, which is kinda cool
  • The first time you do each dungeon, there will be a quest
  • You have one hour to drive off the elementals from the start of the invasion
And some tips/observations:
  • On my server/faction (Kirin Tor-US/Horde), most everyone starts in Orgrimmar, so TB ends up being defended later; that's OK, but be sure when it's all over that you hit the portals associated with Orgrimmar first, as the timer starts on those the moment the defense of Orgrimmar is complete (the cities have their own timers on the dungeons)
  • The fights are pretty easy, so bringing lowbies is not a problem and soloing it might be viable, but why not bring buddies for the easy Justice Points?
  • If your faction does successively defend the cities, you can get the Tripping the Rifts Achievement in a single round of invasions by making sure you help kill one of each rift in each city.
  • In the dungeons, run a ready check and make sure everyone has the quest before you pull, especially with Flamelash, as there are no intro pulls there, the first pull brings the boss into combat, along with the quest giver (the aforementioned leader of the city you are defending); you turn in the quest to the leader back in their city
  • Some folks reported a bug with exiting the dungeons, but if you click on the portal to exit, it seems to work reliably
In closing - DO IT!  It's temporary and it's part of WoW history, so get your licks in now.  Who knows, maybe if you fight really hard, you will prevent whatever nasty thing those evil cultists were trying to do... :)

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