Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[4.0.1] Patch Incoming! Ahhh! - Patch 4.0.1 Resources

As you probably already know:
Extended maintenance will begin tonight at midnight, Tuesday, October 12 for the release of patch 4.0.1. Maintenance will begin at 12:01 AM PDT and conclude at approximately 12:01 PM PDT. During this time all realms and many web services will be unavailable.
Due to the size of the patch we highly recommend you enable your background downloader. If you need assistance doing so please visit

Don't panic, the interwebs have you covered.  Lissanna did a wonderful job of collating some resources in her post titled, Druid Resource List for 4.0.1.

Graylo, of course, continues to hit it out of the park with his Moonkin Guide to Patch 4.0.1.

WoW Insider is also helpful in providing us with the following:

And yes, those things are all going into effect today, so be ready!   Read up while you wait.  And why not fire up a talent calculator too?

And just because I like her work, my Paladin friends should check out Blessing of Kings and her Holy Paladin Spec and Glyphs in 4.0.1 post.

I don't know about you, but I am psyched about the new content.  Here's hoping we get online fast!

Am I going to give you sage advice on 4.0.1?  Sure, here it is:
  • Pay attention to the fact that the raid-wide Hit buffs are going away
  • Have your Talent spec ready to go before you sign back on
  • Don't panic!
I have not been blessed by the Blizzard gods with a Beta key, so I'll be learning on the job, like most of you.  If I learn anything useful, you know where I'll post it. :)

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