Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[4.0.1] Patch Day Impressions and Lessons

Well, patch day came and went, and things worked pretty well for me.  I hope you fared as well.  I have not been avidly following Beta discussions, so some of this may be old hat for you folks, but here are my impressions and lessons from Patch Day.

The New Guild Panel Rocks!

You simply need to play around with it to appreciate it, but if you do nothing else, then do this:
  1. Open up the guild panel (the little tabard icon or the "j" key)
  2. Look at "Views" and choose "Professions"
  3. You will see a listing of all guildies online with a given profession and everything they can make!
Sweet, huh?

Filling Out Your Glyphs

As you probably know, there will be no more repeat application of Glyphs.  Once you learn it, it's in your Glyph panel forever.  Those Glyphs are universal across talent guilds for a character, so you don't need twice as many if you have two specs.

I spent about an hour milling herbs and making Glyphs for just 5 characters last night.  If, like me, you are smashing up herbs, then I have some information for you.

Each Glyph now takes 3 ink.  For a full set of Glyphs, you will need around 100 ink (e.g., the full set of Priest Glyphs for my wife took 99 ink).  Most people will have some Glyphs already, so you should need around 80 ink to fill out their Glyphs.

You should be able to take care of one character's entire Glyph needs with about 10 stacks of herbs.

The new mechanic for changing Glyphs is that you change them one at a time, and each individual Glyph swap requires Vanishing Powder.  You can buy this at the Inscription Supplies merchant, but it only works on level 80 or below.  For those that try to profit from Inscription, I hope they make the higher level Vanishing Powder a crafted only item.

You Might Have a Glyph to Research...

My Inscriber is an alt, but long ago I maxed out the Glyphs he knew.  In spit of that, last night, when I pushed Northrend Inscription Research, something popped out, a Glyph of Living Bomb.  The cooldown has been shortened to ~3.5 hours, though, so later than night I logged back in and tried again to find that I had nothing else to research.  Strange...

Changing Out Gems

If you are like me, you probably have some gems to swap around and you did not get around to amassing a stockpile.  Well, no fear.  You don't have to let opportunistic twerps gouge you.  You can find affordable gems at the PvP vendor, where you can buy them for very reasonable amounts of honor.  The highlights of the gem changes are:

  • Hit is now blue.
  • Mastery and Dodge are now yellow.
  • Intellect is now red.
  • MP5 (blue) became Spirit (blue)
  • Attack Power (red) became Agility (red)
  • Spell Power (red) is converted to Intellect (now red)
  • Defense (yellow) became Dodge (yellow) or Parry (red)
  • Armor Penetration (red) became Critical Hit (yellow)
That last one is pretty annoying, especially for Cats.  Not only did you lose Armor Penetration and are probably reeling from the DPS loss, you were given a so-so replacement with a different color that probably broke many, if not most, of your bonuses from red gem placement.

The New Raid Panel and Marking Tools Are Cool

You just have to check them out.  Features added:
  • New raid panel like grid, but better in many ways - I wonder if we will see development of the grid helper addons for this raid panel; WTB incoming heal warnings for Blizzard Raid Panel
  • New role check - a great tool for PUGs, instead of, "If you are a Healer, please type out 1"
  • Free smoke flares - this is sweet, you can put down flares of all 5 colors, as many as you like and only your raid can see them, so annoying twits can't fill Dalaran with smoke flares (well, not cheaply nor easily)
No More Taunt-Related Glyphs

I was worried initially about losing this, as it was crucial for Tanking some fights well.  I dug around a bit and I found random comments here and there that suggest that Taunt is either unable to miss or moving to melee Hit chances.  I am hoping for the former.

Here's hoping I see more cool new stuff...time to download more addon updates...

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