Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[4.0.1] Feral Druid - Tank Talent Build/Spec Mk.1

OK, you probably just want a good build, so here is a link to the build pictured above (you can click the picture instead if you like).  My chain of thought:

Tier 1: Feral Swiftness 2/2 and Furor 3/3 are the only Tank-specific Talents in Tier 1, easy choice.

Tier 2: Pick up Infected Wounds 2/2 for survival and Primal Fury 2/2 for more Rage generation.  Now you have to make a choice for a filler point - Fury Swipes for more Threat/damage or Feral Aggression for more rapid stacking of Feral Faerie Fire*; choose what you like.  Ultimately, I ended up buying everything here for fillers or leftover points; once I hit 85, I might try to push farther into Restoration for Perseverance.

* - Feral Faerie Fire now stacks up to 3, but we still have a 6-second cooldown.  This means that it will take at least 12 seconds to get up to the maximum armor debuff.  FFF and Sunders will be not stack with each other though, so if you have a reliable source of Sunders, this may be a waste.

Tier 3: Pick up Feral Charge 1/1 and Thick Hide 3/3.  I can't imagine giving up my charge and Thick Hide give you your crit immunity.  You will need one filler point to get to Tier 4; you can either put some more into Fury Swipes or Feral Aggression in Tier 2 (recommended) or put points into Stampede, but the value of Stampede ability is uncertain right now.  Enrage has become a suicidal ability (take +10% from ALL damage), best saved for pulls, when you can let the debuff go away, so King of the Jungle is going to be a real waste of points the vast majority of the time.

Tier 4: Pick up Leader of the Pack 1/1 and Brutal Impact 2/2.  Leader of the Pack is a no-brainer and in Cataclysm, it gives you the old Improved benefits too, although it appears that only you get healed now.  Brutal Impact is what gives you a practical interrupt in the form of Skullbash with a 10-second cooldown.  Pretty hard to argue with either of those choices, IMO, but I have yearned for a practical spell interrupt since I started playing a Druid.

Tier 5: Pick up Survival Instincts 1/1 for another "oh crap!" button, Endless Carnage 2/2 for more Threat, and Natural Reactions 2/2 for more avoidance and more Rage.

Tier 6: You need Pulverize, so you have to pick up Rend & Tear and Pulverize, which both pump up your Threat generation.

Tier 7: Pick up Berserk.  Not only does it have the old stuff, it also gives a passive benefit of possibly refreshing Mangle!

Head over to Restoration and pick up Heart of the Wild 3/3.  Ten percent more Stamina?  Yes, please!

By now, you should have 2 points left, and you ended up getting everything in Tier 2 with filler points.  In my opinion, the best place for those last two points is Stampede.  At least it will help give you a Threat pulse at the start to reduce the likelihood of aggro pulls by DPS at the start of a fight.

Voila!  Go forth and conquer, or tankquer, or whatever.

Some resources to help you form your opinion:


jbrocky said...

Hey mate. Good write up, but I question the 2/2 in Shapeshifter. If you are tanking, you are probably always in bear form and the 20% mana hit doesn't really affect you. You could use those 2 points in other places.

The Alt Doctor said...

Thank you for the kind words. I actually recommended Stampede for the last two points, not Shapeshifter. I checked the image and the link, and they all agree. Maybe I missed my mistake?

etbiggles said...

And with the next five get natural shapeshifter..... Nothing special but, master shapeshifter is nice!

The Alt Doctor said...

True, and I will likely respec in Cata, but we can't reach it yet, and natural shapeshifter is of dubious value on it's own, hence skipping it at 80.