Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[4.0.1] Feral Druid - Gems

Re-gemming edition!

Disclaimer: I composed this on the weekend.  If the mechanics change significantly between now and when this posts on Tuesday, my apologies.

For Bears, it's good news, in that you can pretty much keep on trucking with your gem choices.

For Cats, not so much.  If you were hitting the end content and gemmed properly, you likely had more than a few Armor Penetration gems.  Those all were converted to Critical Hit gems when 4.0.1 hit.  Blah.  So, what's a Cat to do?

First, you need to insure you are capped for Hit and Expertise.  Remember, we lost Primal Precision from our Talents, which raised our Expertise quite a lot.  What numbers do we need?  The same numbers we need every night, Pinky...
  • 8% melee Hit, which is now 246 Hit Rating
  • 6.5% Dodge reduction, which is now 200 Expertise Rating
You not only have gems to accomplish this, but also Reforging, and with the combination, you can achieve some unusual values that might allow you to very efficiently reach the above numbers almost exactly.  I was lucky enough to be able to hit Expertise 200 precisely.

After that, stack Agility until further notice.

Are slot bonuses worth not taking a Delicate cut?  Reply hazy, ask again later.

My biggest problem is my stupid yellow slots.  I am not sure I like any Yellow gem enough and there are a lot of yellow slots in my DPS gear.

Well, that's all I got.  If you know more, please share. :)

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