Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[4.0.1] Clickable Items Causing Lock-ups & Disconnects?!

EDIT: We now have a tentative solution.  See the end of the post.

Unexpected lock-ups and disconnects make me a sad panda.  Myself and many others are experiencing it.  One of my fellow guildies suggested turning off sticky targeting, as that was perceived to be a solution in Beta.  however, I still had an issue with WoW locking up during the Headless Horseman event.

Yes, that's right, we have a bug that locks up your game or disconnects you when you click on something, and the current world event involves clicking on something to start an event at least daily.  While some might find it joyous to wipe because half the party is frantically trying to shut down WoW and log back in...most people don't.

If that's not fun enough, this also includes Soul Wells, Summoning Stones, Fish Feasts, etc.  It makes for a very frustrating raid start. :(

NOTE: this can happen solely from mouseovers on clickable objects.

In the meantime, caution your party and perhaps mouseover the clickable item first to see if you can safely click it.  When you identify who can click it safely, and that everyone else is still there, fire away!

As if I was not sad enough, when I submitted a ticket to Blizzard, I got the infamous panacea response:
"...please try moving or deleting your WTF, CACHE, and INTERFACE folders"

I guess I'll give that a try when I have more time...

Do you know how to fix it?  If so, please share!

EDIT: Thanks to helpful comments, we have a link that suggests it is a tooltip issue and offers some scripts and an add-on to solve it.  Check out the [Workaround] Cog of DOOM (HH Event, BGs) post in the WoW forums.


Harold said...

For the love of god and all that is holy... I wish Blizzard would fix this issue. I have five 80's that run the Headless Horseman fight each day...and it is painful...just painful. Holiday events are supposed to be fun.

The Alt Doctor said...

I misclicked and killed a very helpful comment from Entilzah. I'm a baaaaad bear.

"There is a script that you can run which shuts off some tooltips which generally solves the issue.

However, the best way I found was to download the addon 'CogFix' from Curse. This simply runs the script for you with minimal input.

I would lock up 90% of the time (over 5 characters) in HH this year before I downloaded that addon. I have not crashed since I installed it.

Annoying to the extreme that it takes an addon to make a Blizzard Holiday Event work... but whadda ya do? I suspect with HH happening the same time as 4.0.1, that the bugstompers at Blizz are a bit overloaded."

Adam said...

If you're wondering about the script that was mentioned, here is a link to it on the blizz forums.