Monday, October 25, 2010

[4.0.1] BlizzCon 2010 Notes, Day 2

Cataclysm Cinematics
This was pretty cool.  It might be a bit too detailed of a discussion for some, but I liked it.  The Worgen cut scene makes me sad and happy.  I was pretty disappointed to see FREAKING WEREWOLVES ending up as an Alliance race when I first heard about it, but I consoled myself that they weren't *that* cool, the Goblins had a lot of flavor, and they came close to letting me play something somewhat close to a Gnome without having to play Alliance.  The concept of the noble, misunderstood, unjustly villified being is pretty much Horde defined.  But, as long as Worgen weren't too cool, I could deal with it.

The Worgen cutscene spoke very concisely and effectively to a concept of noble redemption.  So I was happy with the movie, but sad once again that Worgen are an Alliance race.  Really, really sad.

I love their cinematics.  I wish Blizz would fund them to make more.  Great stuff.

Class Q&A Panel

Ghostcrawler: "I'm a Libra...I like long walks on the beach, gin, and nerfing Paladins"

[We'll ignore the Hunter guy that confused the Q&A with "Have An Argument With The Devs" event.  Moving on...]

Their answer to the "homogenization of classes" question was interesting.  They feel they are maintaining class distinctiveness due to their differing resource mechanics.  That's an interesting notion; I had, like many, focused on the spells and their effects.

I was intrigued by Ghostcrawler's answer about Achievements on characters.  I would LOVE to see Achievements be account-specific and not character-specific.  Something like that would probably send me off chasing more Achievements.  For example, I care about lore/RP enough that I can't justify chasing the Insane title with my Druid; it's just too evil to kill my Goblin friends.  My DK, however, has less qualms, as does my Rogue...

They will be adding a minor Glyph to let Trees turn into the old "Grandma Tree" form (devs' words, not mine).  Probably good news for female Trees, since the new forms with the Soul Patch look a tad masculine...

Open Q&A

WoW Insider has a Liveblog transcript.  I will be quoting bits I found interesting.  Thanks to Allison Robert for typing it up.

Draenei Are Scourge!

First and foremost, I have to enlighten you that Draenei are Scourge.  You heard it here first folks!  Check out this quote from the transcript:
1:50 pm "Has anyone ever given any thought to changing death knight eye glows from blue to red to green depending on what spec they are?"
(audience claps)

A: No, we haven't. It might get a little too Christmas tree-y. When you see the blue eyes, it means death knight -- death. But Chris - anything to add here?
A: Don't want to blur the lines on colors, they have different meanings in the game.
A: Red means demonic -- an easy distinction. Blue -- Scourge influence.

Blue means Scourge.  Draenei are blue.  Therefore, Draenei must be Scourge. Q.E.D.

Other stuff
  • A few words were mentioned about the prospect of seeing the Emerald Dream in future content; I am holding out hope for it being something big, perhaps an entire expansion.
  • Alchemists getting a potion that will turn them into a dragon that can carry a passenger(s?); my wife is an's hoping every jackass isn't trying to click on her if she uses the potion.
  • No commitment to make Achievements account bound :(
  • Possible keyring-like closet for clothes in the future
  • More player slots on a realm - "it's been discussed"
  • Sidekick/mentoring system so high level and low level players can play with a similar level of challenge together
  • Dance studio still in development; animators work on additions when they have spare time; will ship when it reaches critical mass
And that's all of my notes from Day 2. :)

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