Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[4.0.1] BlizzCon 2010 - Desired Improvements With the RayV Feed

Please Improve the RayV Feed

I hate it when people lie, whether that lie is big or small.  And when I pay for a show, I expect not to see advertising.  And yet, when I clicked to watch the Cataclysm cinematics discussion, the first thing I saw was an ad for DirectTV (a generic one, not a BlizzCon-themed one), and within a minute or so, the stereotypical gritty voiceover tells me it's "completely commercial free".

You know, I expect to see gratuitous self-promotion of BlizzCon, and tedious replays and restatements of BlizzCon events past, present, and future.  But I don't expect to see general advertising.

Improvement #1: I would like to keep the paid BlizzCon feed free from ads.

Second, it's not very hard to edit video timing.  In spite of that, I have generally been unable to click on a show and end up right at the start of that show.  When I chose the WoW Cinematics discussion, it was a good 8-10 minutes before it actually started.

Improvement #2: I would like to be able to go right to the start of the segment I choose.

And, you know what?  I am logged in and they are feeding me the content.  So, why not have a big fat "Resume" button somewhere that will crank up the feed right where I left off, if I close my browser, shut off my PC, etc.?

Improvement #3: I would like a "resume" option to resume viewing at the last spot I was being fed, if my feed is interrupted in any way.

This may sound odd, but there are lots of little discussions between the panels that often involve various folks I want to hear.  But there is no place on the schedule for them.  To watch them, you need to pick some episode/feed, and click up and down the time bar.

Improvement #4: Include the filler blocks in the schedule, along with some tiny description, e.g., "Filler - Joe Blow".

The second-most annoying problem I have had so far is that I cannot reliably recover from pausing the feed.  For me, it usually does not work. I am using the latest version of Internet Explorer, so I would hope that they are designing for it.  Most of the time that I paused, when I tried to resume, it simply stayed frozen and I had to reload or restart, then try to click back to approximately the right place in the time bar, which, of course, I sort of had to estimate.

Improvement #5:  Make pause work reliably.

The most annoying thing was when I tried to go back and watch WoW Class Q&A and it simply would not work.  But that's just the beginning.  I clicked on the support chat to inquire if there was a workaround and to get an estimate of when it would be fixed.  After a long time, someone finally answered and we had this a disappointing discussion, in terms of time wasted.

Improvement #6:  Provide workarounds for your content, e.g., a failover site or another streaming technology alternative.

Maybe it's all a clever ruse to convince me to get DirectTV...oh well, here's hoping it is better next year.

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