Friday, October 22, 2010

[4.0.1] Addendum to "Clickable Items Causing Lock-ups & Disconnects?!"

Just a quick addendum/follow-up to [4.0.1] Clickable Items Causing Lock-ups & Disconnects?!  Thanks to helpful comments, we have a link that suggests it is a tooltip issue and offers some scripts and an add-on to solve it (well, it's more accurate to call it a workaround).  Check out the [Workaround] Cog of DOOM (HH Event, BGs) post in the WoW forums.

There you should fine two scripts, one to disable tooltips, one to enable them.  There are numerous claims in that thread of solving the problem this way.  Please post if this does not solve the problem, but take note that there are other things that can causes these issues.  I am mostly focused on being locked-up or disconnected due to mouseovers on clickable items.

Note: I tried cramming both into one macro and just using modifiers to determine which script was executed, but it did not work.   Bad news if you have zero extra macro slots like a certain someone (/whisper I am talking about me).

Of course, disabled tooltips means you won't see any tooltips, do here's hoping the problem gets completely resolved soon.

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