Monday, October 11, 2010

[3.3.5] /cast Revive

My wife and I finally started down the path to becoming regular guild members last week. We have been planning for months, lamenting over how many officers to recruit, who to recruit, how to maintain our culture through a major leadership change, etc

Last week, we finally made it official and stepped down from being the guild leaders to officers. Around the time of the Cataclysm release, we will step down to regular member status, thus ending over four years of being part of the guild leadership.

To provide adequate transition, we recruited a full officer corps (not including ourselves). As they assume responsibilities, which they are going wonderfully, we are finding our responsibilities waning and the flexibility of our schedule increasing.

Among many changes, this means I will be firing up the blog once more.

Lessons Learned

Although I will now have more time to write, I have not forgotten how time-consuming this blog can be, especially if I get carried away writing a thesis. And so I will make this painfully punful commitment - I am going to do my best to take smaller bites, which is hard to do for a Feral Druid, so bear with me.

My blog directly aids my gaming in a few primary ways:

  • Saves me time when I focus it on topics that I would end up having to research repeatedly.
  • Improves my quality of life by helping me work out thoughts to make them more coherent.
  • I am happy when others benefit from those same posts.
I will try to avoid my primary mistake of the past - letting a post get out of control and consume too much time. I will also try to make the content a little more relevant to my gaming experience and what I am doing, which may mean an even greater focus on Druids and Tanks when I get into the nitty gritty of game mechanics.

Let's see what happens...let the experiment commence.

(See? That was pretty quick. I'm already doing better.)

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